What the Jaaxy Keyword research tool is

What the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Is? – A Jaaxy Review

Are you searching for the perfect answer to the question, “what the Jaaxy keyword research tool is?”; This Jaxxy review is going to introduce this awesome tool and all about its efficiency.

If you have selected blogging as your source of income (maybe primary or passive), contents within your website must need to get ranked in Google. Ranking in Google depends on several things, and selection of the right keyword is one of the most important among those.

I guess, you already have some idea about the role of a keyword in ranking to Google, and that’s why you are here today, and interested to know about Jaaxy. In case, you don’t have a proper idea, don’t panic. Just click here to have the basic knowledge about keywords.

Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools that you can completely reley on it, as I personally do. In fact, after I started using Jaaxy I never need to use another keyword research tool to get ranked in Google!

So, without wasting time, I am proceeding for Jaaxy review.

Product Name: JAAXY
Visit here: jaaxy.com
Price of the Product: FREE (limited period),  $19/month, $49/month
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Our Rating: 96 out of 100

What the Jaaxy keyword research tool is exactly?

Keyword research is one of the prime things for every blogger, because the selection of wrong keywords can diminish your website ranking and thus also the growth. After all, you are blogging for making money online, and to make money you need visitors. The equation goes like this,

Poor Keyword = Poor ranking in Google = No Traffic = No earnings

I guess you don’t like this negative chain. Along with many other techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), proper keyword research comes at the very basic stage.

I have seen many bloggers either do not research well for keywords or use some other ordinary keyword research tool. Even over years I personally used several other keyword research tools such as Google Keyword PlannerKeywordtool.ioSEMrushMarket Samurai, etc. But to be very honest I never experienced a satisfying result before I met Jaaxy.

As per my personal experience, Jaaxy is a keyword tool which is super easy to use, very simple to understand the statistics, and highly accurate in producing data. It is an online application, and you can use it on any device and any operating system. Jaaxy runs on desktop, mobile or tablet with equal ease, while you can enjoy hassle-free keyword research experience in operating systems like Windows, Mac or Android, because you don’t have to install additional software to run Jaaxy.

You can see above that, I have rated Jaaxy really high, that is 96 out of 100. This is mainly due to 4 reasons,

  • Jaaxy is Super easy and simple to use
  • High accuracy in generating data
  • Keyword competition can be compared with extreme ease.
  • High speed to generate the results.

To be honest, After I started using Jaaxy I never felt the requirement of any other keyword research tool.

How Jaxxy works?

Earlier I already mentioned that determining a perfect keyword for any niche is super easy within Jaaxy dashboard.

It actually generates 5 parameters for every single keyword.

  • Average monthly traffic (assigned by “Avg”)
  • Monthly clicks by the visitor (assigned by “Traffic”)
  • Keyword competition – number of other websites using the same keyword (assigned by “QSR”)
  • Keyword quality indicator (assigned by “KQI”)
  • Search Engine Optimization capability of the keyword (assigned by “SEO”)

Additionally, it generates a list of similar keywords including all the above data. If you find your chosen keyword is too competitive, you can choose any less competitive from the provided list.

Without any confusion, I can say Jaaxy is a revolutionary tool in finding low competition as well as high traffic keywords.

Finding Quality Keywords using Jaxxy

What the Jaaxy Keyword research tool is.

All 5 parameters I introduced under the last heading, are sufficient in choosing a quality keyword for your niche. Jaaxy stores a huge database of search priority and results with regular update. It can explore a huge keyword list for any of your Favorite Niches related to online marketing.

You have to focus mainly on three parameters,

  • Average monthly search (Avg): Higher the average monthly search  = Better the keyword.
  • Average monthly traffic (Traffic): Higher the average monthly traffic = Better the keyword.
  • Keyword competition (QSR): Lower the number QSR = Lower the competition = Better the keyword.

That means, you should not choose a keyword which bears >4000 average search, and >500 QSR number (competitive pages). It’ll not work well for better ranking in Google.

Instead, choose a keyword that carries minimum QSR (at least <200; <100 will work even better), and also carries at least >50 average searches per month (you may not always get very high traffic as well as low competition keyword).

Above is a general suggestion; Actually, you have to choose a keyword by comparing the strength of Average search and number of competitive page (QSR). However, if you are using Jaaxy, selecting the right keyword comparing these parameters is not a big deal; I’d say, you’ll rarely find another keyword research tool that represents everything in such a simple way.

For better understanding, you can follow a tutorial, How to Find Quality Keywords for Your Website Contents using Jaaxy. This will help you to understand how easy Jaaxy is to handle.

You can try searching your niche keyword in the following tab. It’s FREE to search here.

Features inside Jaaxy

So, let’s remind the features inside Jaaxy.

Keaword research

Jaaxy offers rapid keyword research option. You can type any keyword on any niche to get the best statistics. It not only explores the statistics for your keyword but also introduces a list of data for several other keywords which are closely related to your basic keyword. So one on hand you are getting keyword suggestions, and on the other hand, you have an option to choose the lowest competition keyword.

The Starter and Pro plans result up to 20 keyword result while the Entprise plan can explore up to 35 keyword result.

Search result parameters

Earlier, I already mentioned the list of search result parameters within Jaaxy. Now repeating with more details.

Avg: It indicates the average monthly search for a particular keyword. That means it provides data that how many people are searching monthly for the same keyword in the Google search bar.

Traffic: It offers an estimated number of traffics you may receive per month, if your website (Post/Page) is at the first page of Google. You obviously want to have more traffic on your website, that means your website needs to hit the first page of Google. How may that happen? Check out the next point.

QSR: This parameter provides the number of competitive websites that are using the same keyword in their posts or pages. So, you must want the number to be low. Lower the Competition (QSR), higher the probability to hit the first of page Google, and hence higher the chance to get more visitor.

KQI: It’s an indicator. If you see it colors green you are suggested to choose the keyword. Yellow color indicates the keyword is a difficult one to rank in Google. You must avoid if KQI indicate red color; that means it is extremely difficult to rank in Google.

SEO: It indicates the SEO strength of a keyword. This parameter produces in the combination of several other unique parameters, such as average traffic, keyword competition, grammatical errors, keyword length, etc. If your keyword SEO is maximum (=100), it means it carries best SEO strength. For a newer website, it is suggested not to choose a keyword that crosses SEO = 80.

What the Jaaxy Keyword research tool is Actually
Check out the parameters in Jaaxy dashboard: Avg, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO


If you are planning to buy a new domain, this feature can help you out. It indicates whether any keyword term is exactly matching to a domain name. However, when you are performing keyword research, there is no point to use this feature. So, you can consider this feature as junk, as I personally do. However, if you are planning to buy a new domain, you can check whether it is available or not (.com, .org, .net).

Alphabet soup

What the Jaaxy Keyword research tool is
This is how Alphabet soup generates keyword

This one is a very useful feature. When you find, your keyword is extremely competitive or low traffic, no need to get worried. Just head to the alphabet soup feature.

If you type your selected keyword within the alphabet soup search box, this feature will provide you a huge alphabetical list of keyword idea. As an example, you’ll get 5 new related keyword ideas starting with “A”, 6 those are starting with “B”, 3 those are starting with “C”, and so on up to “Z”. Now you can choose any keyword from the list to check the details data.

Saved list

Save your selected keywords and check them out later. When you are searching keywords you may find multiple related keywords are suitable to rank well in Google. Just save them in the saved list, and come back later to create contents with every keyword.

Search history

It remembers all the keywords you searched in the past. You can track them whenever you need.

Search Analysis

Sometimes you need in-depth analysis of keywords. Search analysis allows you to find out the available websites related to your keywords. You can see the rank-wise details of every website/pages available in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can view several details for a particular website, such as Alexa rank, Word Count, Links On-Site, Backlinks, and also whether Adsense used or not. Search Analysis is a big deal.

Site Rank

Site rank allows you to check your website rank or rank of any particular post/page in Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Things I like about Jaaxy

To be honest, I like almost everything within Jaaxy. I already mentioned that, after I started using Jaaxy I never needed to use any other keyword research tool. The features within Jaaxy are sufficient for. I get more than what I pay. Still, I am trying to explore some of the positive which I am fond of most.

Free Plan – Unlimited search

Being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, I personally can access unlimited keyword research within Jaaxy FREE plan. I never upgraded my Jaaxy account to Pro or Enterprise plan. As a member, I can offer you up to 30 keyword search right now for absolutely FREE of cost. Just type your keyword in the Jaaxy keyword search box above and enjoy!

You can read this if you like to use Jaaxy FREE keyword research tool, as I do.

Super easy to use and understand

Have you searched your keyword in the above box?

If you still didn’t, just try this; it’s absolutely FREE from the link!

Isn’t it easy to understand the metrics? If you follow the terms related to the parameters you can find out a perfect keyword within minutes. In fact, you’ll not get so easy handling and understanding elsewhere, I bet you. I personally like simplicity, and that’s why I like Jaaxy.

High accuracy

I am pretty sure about the accuracy of Jaaxy results because I personally checked. The average monthly traffic and QSR (competition), which are the two most important things in selecting a keyword, are really accurate.

After all, we subscribe to any tool for perfect results while many tools fail to provide that. But Jaaxy is not among those. It provides what it says.

A perfect keyword really helps a lot to rank well in Google and at the same time attracts a lot of traffic. And you already know, more the traffic, more will be the conversion. As a summary, the right keywords help an online business to grow, and Jaaxy helps you grow your business.

Generation of unique Keyword list

when you search for the strength of a keyword, Jaaxy provides a list of related keywords along with your searched one. However, never think that is just a list of junk phrases, rather all the related keyword provided in the list are unique. Additionally, the alphabet soup feature offers you a huge collection of keywords idea. Though all of them are not unique, still each of those was been searched in Google by someone, none of those are junk.

I can say you’ll rarely find such an update elsewhere.

Long-tail keywords

Do you have any idea about long-tail keywords? If you ever been experienced the training within Wealthy Affiliate, this term should be very well known to you.

If you ask me to define in a single sentence, I’d say, a long-tail keyword increases the traffic too some extent and also increases the rate of conversion. However, Jaaxy can generate unique long trail keywords better than any other keyword research tool I experienced so far.

A long list of features

You have already seen the list of Jaaxy features which I introduced under the last heading. So, I am not repeating the same again. What I’d say you’ll rarely find so many unique features under one umbrella, and I like almost every feature because all are useful.

Great training sessions

Choosing the right keywords is not a simple job. The right techniques can help you out in choosing the perfect one. However, lots of training videos and tutorial pages within Jaaxy help tab never let you down. If you follow their method your keywords must be ranked well.

I personally like this feature, because these learning sessions greatly helped me out in selecting the right keywords, for which most of the contents within my websites always rank well today.

Things I don’t like about Jaaxy

This is a really tough job for me to search out the negatives of Jaaxy. Because I found the performance of Jaaxy is pretty well so far, especially in comparison to the other keyword research tools. Still, I managed to discover a negative, which may help you out. I am not sure whether these negatives can be solved by other tools or not.

SEO score within Jaaxy result

SEO results depend on several things, such as traffic, competition, grammar, keyword length, etc. But I am still unsure about the formula of SEO score within Jaaxy!

It is really unpredictable. Because sometimes I have seen the SEO score is about 90-94 even though the keywords are very low competitive and high traffic. As an example, the keyword of this article (don’t consider the full title). It is good traffic and low competition keyword, still, the SEO is low 90s, while I expected SEO should be 98-100, something like that. Still it ranks well in Google and that’s why you find it and can read this.

However, a little more understanding is required about the keyword SEO, which may help to find out more unique keywords.

Get Jaaxy keyword research tool for FREE

Have you got your answer to the question, “what the Jaaxy keyword research tool is actually”?

As per my personal experience, I can assure you, Jaaxy is one of the best keyword research tools. In this Jaaxy review, I have repeated several times that After I started using Jaaxy I never felt the need for any other keyword research tool. If you are a full-time blogger or looking to start your online business, I strongly suggest you own Jaaxy for better ranking in Google.

Getting this awesome tool for free of cost would be awesome. How do you think?

If you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate you’ll be eligible to utilize Jaaxy for free of cost, means you can have unlimited keyword research. Additionally withing Wealthy affiliate you’ll get several other benefits. All these benefits are highly useful for beginners and intermediates, even for the experts. Without Wealthy Affiliate, no other platform is going to offer you a scope to build up to 50 websites with FREE unlimited email option and 24×7 support. Additionally, you’ll get an awesome community and 1000s of great tutorials and training videos on online marketing.

If you are interested, know more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Additionally, you have the option to get the Jaaxy keyword research tool for absolutely FREE.

If you want the subscribe only Jaaxy keyword research tool, you can pick up any of the version which suits you. The starter version is FREE to use. Click Here to search up to 30 keywords.

If you are looking to convert your passion to you business, and you think you have limited knowledge about the online marketing, then I’d strongly suggest you sign up wealthy affiliate; Jaaxy is already included in their package.

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